After 15yrs, Abau has nothing to show


THE Abau MP has been in office for three terms or 15 years.
Firstly, the Abau district office, the building as it is could cost K500,000. People in the building industry can give a better costing if the funding is from the DSIP (district funds) or PSIP (provincial funds). Then the people of Abau have the right to know.
The people of Abau are interested to know how the governor has been using DSIP and PSIP money.
A quick calculation would be K15 million per year for seven years, adding up to K105 million If this calculation is correct, Abau could have been a city by now.
The MP claims to have sealed 100km of Magi Highway. Is it correct to say that it is a national highway and funded by the Government and not from the DSIP money? The feeder roads are awaiting your imput.
The Kupiano town sealing as per quotation is K1 million per kilometre. Can you tell the people of Abau how much money has been spent from their DSIP money to seal the town roads?
The Kupiano Health Project is fully funded by Oil Search under a tax credit scheme and you have not put one toea into it. Cloudy Bay Timber is run down and you have done nothing for the people in these timber rights areas. People are suffering in silence.
As you have said that elections is around the corner and after more than 15 years you decided to put some money into Magarida High School.
Aroma Coast LLG has no government office, no high school, no proper health facilities, no law and order (police station) facilities, no electricity and no proper water supply.
However, you can spend K100,000 on canoe racing and church activities.
Cloudy Bay is the same, the government station was built by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in 1980s and is fast deteriorating, the health centre there is in great need of maintenance and in general, the entire government services need improvements.
Amazon Bay LLG is the least developed even though all your support came from there.
There is no development in Abau, please let’s be transparent.

Abau Nadi Ravana,
Port Moresby

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