1700 police officers to secure city elections


POLICE in Port Moresby will support officials to ensure a free, fair and safe general election, says Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi.
Turi said 1700 officers would be patrolling polling stations and campaign areas.
Police will also be conducting roadblocks to make sure there are no convoy of vehicles holding up traffic.
He said they would keep an eye on issues such as double voting, vote-buying and fighting.
“We have beefed up our manpower because last year we had issues of double-voting and vote-buying,” Turi said.
“Police will be there to check the identity of people who would be voting.”
Turi urged all candidates to ensure that all traffic and election rules were followed.
He said police would arrest candidates if they broke the rules.
Meanwhile, Turi warned candidates to be weary about handing out cash to buy votes.
“You can throw money but be careful that people will be using this time to collect,” he said.
“So don’t try to buy votes because it is not first past the post system.
“It is the Limited Preferential Voting system and your chances of winning will not work.”

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