180,000 condoms, merchandise distributed

Health Watch

THE condoms bought by the Health Department in partnership with the National AIDS Council Secretariat and Population Services International last month have been distributed to all the provinces.
Council regional manager Valentine Tangoh said more than 180,000 condoms and merchandise were distributed last month.
He said provinces with high burden were given more condoms.
“The high-burden provinces were given more condoms than others,” Tangoh said.
“(But) the number of condoms distributed is inadequate. So our advice to those venues is to ensure that a minimal number of condoms are given to people who come to ask for condoms until such time more condoms are made available.”
The condoms and merchandise were handed over to the provincial disease control officers, provincial health advisers or clinics in the provinces who are responsible for the distribution.
The relevant HIV implementing bodies in the National Capital District collected their condoms from the AIDS council office in Port Moresby.
“Some private companies and organisations have also requested for condoms and we have supplied enough only for their employees,” he said.
“For Hela, their share of the condoms was delivered by the Oil Search Foundation.”
AIDS council office manager Tony Lupiwa said they were getting reports from provinces that they had distributed the condoms.
“The provinces need more condoms,” Lupiwa said.
“We are trying to release the ones stored at Murray Barracks.”
Meanwhile, there are other organisations that help in disseminating information on HIV/AIDS and distribution of condoms.
Most organisations carry out HIV/AIDS awareness.
They campaign with the aim of minimising and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

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