368 pass out from ITI


EDUCATION benefits people in many ways and should be a priority, according to International Training Institute managing director and president Sentheyval Senthil Kumaran.
Kumaran said according to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), education enabled people to earn higher wages, reduced hunger and poverty, and helped reduce obesity and other lifestyle diseases.
He said during the institute’s graduation ceremony last Friday.
Kumaran said good education and good policy could turn abundant natural resources into blessings.
“PNG is rich in natural resource and with good education and policies, PNG will have a bright future,” Kumaran said.
The ceremony saw 368 students graduate in certificate and diploma courses.
The Governor-General’s acting Secretary Ezekiel Vene, a former ITI student, told the students to keep dreaming for bigger things because education was an ongoing thing.
He told them to never give up “because you have the potential to achieve. You don’t achieve simply because you degrade your ability and potential”.
Miss ITI, Rose Pitoi, who was the second runner-up in the Miss South Pacific Pageant 2016, said she had completed her certificate in computing course and planned to pursue the diploma course.

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