4000 intend to contest


ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato has predicted that the number of candidates contesting the general election will increase because the nomination fee has not been increased.
He said more than 4000 candidates had filled out Form 29 expressing their interest to contest the 111 seats.
“And since it is still K1000, there will be many more candidates to be nominated,” the commissioner said.
The Government had shelved a proposal to increase the nomination fee to K10,000.
Gamato said the nomination fee would remain at K1000 “because Parliament did not pass the law to increase it to K10,000”.
“Candidates will have to pay (the K1000) into the Electoral Commission Trust Account and produce the deposit slip as evidence to their respective Returning Officers,” he said.
“They also have to complete the nomination form.
“The Form 29 they have filled out is for the candidate biodata.
“That is to let us know how many candidates are contesting and also to project how many candidates will be contesting in an electorate.
“This is necessary so that we can prepare the candidate posters.
“And we have done that.
“But if some of them filled in Form 29 and do not pay the nomination fee, they will be rejected.”

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