70 women with cancer identified


MORE than 70 women in Lae who were identified with early symptoms of cancer were referred to the Angau Memorial Hospital for treatment last month.
This was made possible after the Simbu Cancer Awareness and Relief Centre, a non-government organisation, carried out a cancer awareness programme at Kamkumung on June 18.
Centre team leader Kumuno Buro, a third-year radiation therapy student at the University of Technology in Lae, said the 70-plus women had attended the awareness programme.
They then underwent clinical diagnosis and were confirmed to have symptoms of cancer.
Buro and colleagues Marven Acosta and Jason Gundu are driving the programme in Chimbu and Morobe.
“We went to Kamkumung and did an awareness on the different types of cancers and their symptoms,” Buro said.
“We had focused on mouth, cervical and breast cancer because these are the common forms of cancer in the country that has claimed many lives.
“The 70-plus women had their names given to the Well Women’s Clinic in Angau for further clinical diagnosis.”
Buro said more than 200 people turned up at the programme.

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