76 civil servants quit to contest ’17 elections


DEPARTMENT of Personnel Management Secretary John Kali says 76 public servants have resigned to contest next year’s general election.
He told heads of departments in a meeting in Port Moresby last week that the department had received 76 resignations.
The Government had given civil servants until October 20 to resign – which is six months before the issuing of writs scheduled for April 20, 2017.
Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari said earlier people who wanted to stand for the national election were exercising their constitutional rights and no one was stopping them.
“It is their choice. No one including the Government or Chief Secretary or Secretary for Department of Personnel Management has the power to prevent or stop public servants from exercising their rights,” Lupari said.
“But those public servants who resign to contest the election must also know that according to law, they will not enter public service automatically if they lose.
“The new law passed by Parliament prevents losing former public servants from returning to public service.
“What it means is that they lose the privilege as a public servant when they resign.”
He said intention to contest elections were rights of any one person and nobody would stop anyone from conteicting the elction next year.
“But it is better like the other 76 public servants have done, it was better to resign and made your intention known,” he said.
“I am urging those who intended to contest but had never resigned to do as early as they could.”

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