90 ‘illegally occupied’ public areas identified


The National Capital District Lands Unit has identified more than 90 public areas in the city that have been illegally occupied, taken or sold.
New titles will be issued for these pieces of land under NCDC.
Lands and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko told The National that this was one of the achievements since the Lands Unit was established in the department.
He said NCD Lands Unit had three meetings and it had identified more than 90 pieces of land for which titleswould be reissued and registered under the unit.
“They are now going through the process of alienated land,” Tkatchenko said.
“I’m very happy with the NCDC and the Lands Department’s collaboration and they are now working together and getting these issues on public spaces resolved for our city and our people once and for all.
“We should have some titles issued over the coming weeks for a lot of our public spaces tht have been identified for titling under NCDC.
“Both committees are happy so far with their progress and they are getting on well with their jobs.
“This is the first time this has happened  and we will do the same for Lae, Kokopo and all the other major centres.”
On the SABL committee, Tkatchenko said they had three meetings and were writing a report on their findings and deliberations for him to table in Parliament over the next couple of weeks.
“We look forward to the continuation of this and the SABLs resolved once and for all.
Meanwhile, Tkatchenko said the department has through the National Planning Department, purchased 10 commercial scanners for K400,000 to process documents in its record room.
“I would like to see the scanning process start at the end of this week,” he said.

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