A tribute to Yapao


The late George Tapya Yapao LLB PhD (1964- Oct 3, 2016) was one time the acting Dean of UPNG Faculty of Law, the principal of Yapao Lawyers, a leader and family man. I wish to acknowledge and thank Epeo Tanda, brother and uncle of George Yapao for organising the funeral service at AOG Cornerstone Church at Gordon on Oct 10. Tanda, you deserve praise from the two tribes of Maini and Piapin and others although the late George Tapya Yapao was given a low profile during the funeral (haus krai) from Oct 3-10. Yapao was a prominent lawyer, an academic, a leader and a professional elite. He was loved, respected and had a heart for the children, old people and the poor, thus he displayed it through his sheer hard work and perseverance. His passing on has left a huge gap to fill. Thank God for giving us this kind of man.

Cry Kid, Port Moresby

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