Abau district proud of rapid development


YOUR correspondent Keakalo Melona is so badly out of touch, he or she has no idea what is happening in Abau even though some of this things are happening under his or her nose.
The letter titled “Abau needs funds for development, not sport” in The National (Sep 20) and the claim that the silent majority are suffering is best answered in the following manner.
On Aug 19 Prime Minister Peter O’Neill opened the Georita Memorial Church at Maopa village. Two years ago he visited the same village and donated more than K200,000 from the Community Development Fund for the church project. He also donated K50, 000 for a canoe race. When the PM returned for the opening last month, he presented another cheque of K50,000 for the canoe race.
On Aug 22 Abau MP and Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu traveled to Oi’o Village in Cloudy Bay to open a new church building for the SDA Church. Then on Aug 26 Sir Puka returned to Aroma Coast for the Peter O’Neill Cup where he hosted Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.
The next day Sir Puka traveled to Meitha village in the Kapari area to witness a food harvest, thanks to a decision by the Abau District Development Authority to donate a tractor and a truck to the Community two years ago.
On Sep 1, Sir Puka traveled to Kupiano for the ground breaking ceremony for the new Abau Rural District Hospital. Senior Oil Search officials announced that the project would be funded under their tax credit scheme for K18 million. Site clearing work has started and the new district hospital will be commissioned in April 2017.
Two days later, Sir Puka traveled to Kelekapana village to open a new church built by the Nazarene Church.
The Nazarene Church also announced they would be building a new aid post for the village for K180,000. The Abau District donated K20,000 towards the project under the government/church partnership.
Then on Sep 6, Central Governor Kila Haoda traveled to Kapari to open a new double classroom funded by the provincial government. Sir Puka could not attend because of cabinet commitments. Two days later Sep 9, Sir Puka presided over the meeting of the Abau District Development Authority at Moreguina station which approved more than K250, 000 for the 41st Independence anniversary celebrations.
On Sep 15, district CEO Trevor Tararau represented Sir Puka at Waiori village for the opening of the new double classroom funded by the Abau district. Again, Sir Puka could not attend because of cabinet meetings.
The next day, Sep 16, Sir Puka traveled to Kelerakwa village with Deputy Central Governor Desmond Baira to open a new community hall funded by the district for K50, 000. They then traveled to the Aroma Coast to witness the major Independence canoe race.
As you can see, all the events took place in less than four weeks between Aug 19 and Sep 16. Except for the Oi’o church opening and the Moreguina DDA meeting, all the other events took place in the Aroma Coast LLG where Keakalo Melona comes from.
Either Keakalo Melona conveniently chooses to ignore these events or he or she is blinded by the pace of development taking place in his or her backyard.

Ma’ariner Rolu
Aroma Coast LLG, Abau

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