Abel praises Enga govt


National Planning and Monitoring Minister Charles Abel has praised the Enga government for implementing important government programmes towards realising the targets of Vision 2050.
“If there is any province that deserves to be praised for implementing important government programmes, Enga will surely have my vote,” Abel said.
Speaking during the launching of PNG Power line to Tsak Valley recently, Abel said he was impressed with the province under the leadership of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas for establishing three important education institutions in a space of five years.
They are Enga Teachers College, Institute of Business Studies (Enga campus) and the Enga College of Nursing.
“On top of the three, your leadership is also pushing to build a technical college, the  provincial hospital and a mini hydro in Wabag and Pilikambi that is, in fact, an exciting news for my ministry and the Government,” he said.
Abel said the Government was prepared to pump money into provinces like Enga that were prepared to turn public resources into tangible developments.
“We will continue to allocate funds to provinces that are ready to take on development agendas of the Government forward,” he said.

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