ABG minister commends villagers for ensuring peace

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MINISTER for Police in the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG)  Willie Masiu (pictured) has congratulated the people of Konnou for ensuring peace since reaching an agreement in 2011.
Masiu, who is also the Konnou constituency MP, saluted leaders of the warring factions for proving their commitment to peace.
Masiu and South Bougainville MP in the national parliament Timothy Masiu, who is his younger brother, took time to join their people in a church service on Nov 29 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the peace agreement that ended hostilities between factions in Konnou.
Attending the 2011 peace ceremony as a staff member representing President John Momis, Masiu  said he had doubts then and even after the ceremony about the success of the peace agreement.
But five years on, he said he was happy and proud that the faction leaders, youths and the people had proven their commitment to ensuring peace through many successful bonding activities, including sports.
He told his people that the time was now right for Konnou to open up and work for change because they had an agent and link for change in the South Bougainville MP in national parliament.
Masiu said he was unable to bring about the desired development and change because the ABG was cash-strapped but the people of Konnou and South Bougainville would experience change through their local MP.

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