Academy stepping forward to fix leadership issues


LAST Friday’s Joint Forces Academy (JFA) graduation was described as a moving occasion for the Correctional Services (CS).
CS Commissioner Michael Waipo said the academy was a positive step and the products from the the academy would fill in the leadership gap.
He said that was shown when he had a conversation with the PNG Defence Force and police to assist with the criteria they were using to find top candidates.
“You want the good ones coming in and at the back end of it they will be successful,” he said.
“If you send in anybody, they will probably have difficulty in facing the challenges of the training here at JFA.
“In our days, it was Joint Services College and only the best came through. In my intake, 18 cadets from Correctional Services came through and only nine marched out so that’s how challenging the programme is.”
Correctional Services  Minister Roy Biyama said it was good to hear something like this was coming up again.
“We really need support in how we can get these cadets who have already passed out to come back and help our institution,” he said.
“The commissioner and I will get them posted where they would be.
“And we will support them to put back what they have trained here at Joint Forces Academy.
“We are willing to work with them as much as possible.”

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