Accept defeat, Micah told


KAVIENG MP-elect Ian Ling-Stuckey says his predecessor Ben Micah should eat “humble pie” and accept the fact that he has been beaten.
He said the former MP’s response to his defeat resembled that of a “cry baby”.
After the results were announced, Micah refused to congratulate Ling-Stuckey and claimed that the election was rigged.
“He (Micah) is a cry baby and is acting like a child who doesn’t get his lolly,” Ling-Stuckey told The National.
“Micah needs to eat a bit of humble pie and adjust himself to village life and learn to catch a PMV again, smoke brus (tobacco) and drink Milo.
“Ben Micah must immediately apologise to the people of Kavieng electorate, especially the majority of 9368 voters who mandated Ian Ling-Stuckey to represent them in Parliament, when he refused to offer his congratulations to the member-elect.”

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