Accept election results: Urame

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LUTHERAN head bishop Rev Jack Urame, pictured, has called on Papuan New Guineans to accept the election results and continue with their daily lives in peace and harmony.
Urame’s message came yesterday following the return of election writs, formation of government and the appointments of the parliament speaker and prime minister.
Urame said there was no point in people taking matters into their own hands to create problems for themselves and others in the community following the elections.
“We must learn to accept election results and carry on with our daily activities in peace and harmony,” he said.
“The election period is over and whoever is elected is the people’s choice and will represent us all in parliament,” Urame said.
“There is no need for fighting and violence.
“People must respect each other and learn to live in peace.”
He said if people were not happy with the performance of their leaders, they had the chance of appointing a new leader to represent them after five years.
Urame, however, said the new leaders appointed into parliament and the government had a duty to God and the people and that was to ensure that services were delivered to the people and God’s commandments were followed in the managing of the country.

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