Accused MP gets arrest warrant


The Madang district court on Wednesday issued a warrant of arrest for Raicoast MP James Gau when he failed to appear in person for an adultery case filed against him.
The warrant was issued by magistrate Ignatius Kurei when Gau failed to appear before the court 12 times but let his counsel appear on his behalf.
The warrant of arrest was given to police yesterday to execute and make sure Gau appeared in court on May 29.
Complainant Tony Apasuar had summoned Gau on July 28, 2016, but Gau never showed up in court.
Gau was alleged to have committed adultery with Apasuar’s wife who was working in Gau’s office.
Apasua took the pair to court after his wife admitted that she had an affair with the MP.
In a motion filed to dismiss the case, Gau submitted that he had settled the matter by giving K10,000 to Apasuar and requested for the matter to be dismissed.
Apasuar said Gau gave that amount during a mediation and specifically said that amount was to be shared among people who went with Apasuar for them to pay for fuel and drinks.
He said Gau agreed to pay him K150,000 out of court apart from the K10,000 but to this day that never happened.

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