Acquittals in hands of district admins


It is the duty of district administrators to submit district services improvement programme acquittals, Implementation and Rural Development acting Secretary Aihi Vaki says.
Vaki said for districts whose MPs had exited, the administrators were responsible to submit the acquittals, with the support of new MPs.
He said this after receiving 2016 DSIP acquittals from Mul-Baiyer MP Koi Trappe.
Vaki said Mul-Baiyer brought the number of DSIP acquittals for 2016 submitted to his office to four.
“Mul-Baiyer is the first from the Western Highlands to submit its acquittals,” he said.
“I am very pleased with the MP for taking the time to work with his administrator to ensure that the acquittals were compiled and submitted.
“Leaders must take the lead.  Whether you are a new MP or not, you must work with your administrator to ensure that acquittals are given in.”
Trappe said that he was happy to work with his administrator to submit the acquittals as DSIP funds were important in service delivery.
“DSIP funds have enabled people back in the villages, whether it’s up in the mountains or down in the coastal areas, to receive services at their doorsteps. I have come with my administrator and treasurer to give in the acquittals so that we can move on and continue in delivering services to our people,” he said.

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