Addicts come clean


MORE than 1000 people in Western Highlands have admitted publically that they are marijuana addicts and promised to change.
Of that, 35 are women, 70 high and secondary school students and 16 others appear to have lost their senses, according to an advocate against marijuana
The figures were released on Wednesday by the chairman of the Stopim Drug Marijuana (SDM) association Ps Johnny Mawa from Western Highlands.
Mawa said the association was formed in 2011 at Kolge village outside Mt Hagen city and the purpose of it was to deal with the use of marijuana and save the affected population.
He said marijuana was becoming a major problem and with awareness, it could change the people.
Mawa said law enforcers such as the police and the court could impose heavy penalties but this would not do much as people would still get to live their lifestyles.
He said there could be more addicts adding that the association was carrying out awareness with the support of SDM members who were using their own resources and money.
Mawa said Member for Hagen Open William Duma assisted them carry out awareness by giving them K50,000 in March.
“My team is reaching out to the entire province as we have seen that marijuana is the root cause of every problem here,” Mawa said.

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