Address depression at workplace: Doctor


Depression is the most common mental illness in workplaces, Dr Ludwig Nanawar says.
The Laloki Psychiatric Hospital medical services director said anxiety disorders, stress and burnout were other common mental illnesses in the workplace.
“Create a conducive working environment through designing proper workplace policies that enhances good mental health and prevent mental health problems,” Nanawar  said.
“These should be incorporated into existing workplace health policies and occupational health and safety standards.”
He said mental health problems in the workplace could be prevented through:

  • Protection of work-life balance policies for flexible hours, teleworking, care leave, last-minute days off can all help ease the combination of working and caring. Beyond these policies, promote work-life balance in your organisational culture: respect regular working hours and safeguard leisure and family time;
  • Combat stigma – promote a workspace that fosters positive mental health and do not tolerate stigmatisation. Train your human resources (HR) personnel and managers on how to promote mental health in the workplace; and,
  • Regularly inform your employees on the services that you have available to them – do you have someone in HR on call for emergency mental health calls? Does your company’s health insurance plan cover access to services and care? Let them know.

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