Admin building razed


The newly-built Middle Fly district administration building at Balimo station, Western, was burnt down on Friday, South Fly acting police commander Inspector Soiwa Ricker said yesterday.
“The fire completely razed down the administration building,” Ricker said.
“And we cannot rule out that it is caused by disgruntled people over the election result.”
Ricker said that the building was burnt down at about 7.30pm.
“The fire did also spread to the old distract administration building that was next to the new building. But luckily the fire was extinguished quickly. We don’t know the cause of the fire.
“It might have been caused by people who were not happy about the election results or it might have been caused by an electrical fault.”
Ricker said that he had contacted the border divisional commander Assistant Commissioner Donald Yamasombi and detectives from Port Moresby would be flown to Balimo to investigate the fire.
Meanwhile, sources in Balimo station said that supporters of a losing candidate went to Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama’s village at Uladu and chopped down rubber and coconuts trees.
“Police went to the village and arrested some suspects. Also at Adiba village, some drunk supporters fought each other after someone made a negative comment about a candidate.
“It was a fierce fist fight and some of the fighters ended up with facial bruises. Police have gone to the village to negotiate for peace.”

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