Administration issues delay arbitration tribunal

Health Watch

THE PNG Health Support Workers Association general secretary Jack Suao says there was a delay in proceeding with the arbitration tribunal because of administration issues.
Suao said a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Department of Personnel Management and Department of Health on Dec 10 last year that the outstanding log of claim be addressed at the public service conciliation and arbitration tribunal.
He said the tribunal board members were not endorsed by the ministerial executive appointment committee.
Suao advised association members that it would take time to clear the appointments of the board members.
The association’s supplementary submission had been submitted to the chairlady on March 9 to look into it before calling for the arbitration tribunal.
The association has deferred the proposed strike to a later date.
But he called on the national executive committee to endorse the appointments of the arbitration tribunal board members so that the hearing on the log of claim can start.
He said when the administrative issues were solved and when the time is right with the appointment of the panel members, then the arbitration proceeding would start.
The association has more than 3000 members who are proposing to walk off their jobs if the management threatens to sack its members.

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