Administrator thanks clan leaders


KOMPIAM district administrator Willie Muu has thanked landowner leaders from gold-rich Kwekoam for resolving to work in the best interest of the people.
Muu thanked the tribes in a meeting of more than 50 landowner leaders last month in Wabag.
Chiefs from the five council wards in Koweakam attended.
They are the Poreyalin, Aiel, Malipin, Kukuni and the Kalimbi tribes. The leaders unanimously vetoed an alluvial mining lease application lodged with the Mineral Resource Authority by a Max Malex who failed to turn up.
Secretary of the Mai Community Development Association Nick Nanya urged the landowners to learn from past mistakes such as their encounter with Nanjiang (PNG) Holding Limited, which terminated its involvement in the mine in Kweokam and urged that there was no more landowner issues.

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