Adventist students give to needy


THE Bugandi Secondary School Adventist Students Association donated food and clothing to some of the disadvantaged people living
in the streets of Lae over the weekend.
Association president Murphy Tofangke said they donated lunch packs and second hand clothes to street boys, beggars and people living with disabilities.
“We did this donation through the Adventist’s ‘Total Membership Programme’ to share the love of God. We want to encourage them and let them know that they are equal and precious in God’s eyes,” he said.
He said that such people have been discriminated and judged for who they were but they were humans like everyone else.
“PNG is a Christian nation, therefore, we should help them instead of judging and categorising them. Such people can change their lives if we continue to be good to them,” he said.
Tofangke challenged churches and institutions in the country to exercise their faith by helping people in need.
“We should follow the Lord’s footsteps by doing good to others despite their status in our communities.
“We are planning a similar visit to Buimo prison to share the word of God with prisoners and give them gifts,” he said.

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