Agarobe plans commended


I commend Central Governor Robert Agarobe for bringing much-needed services to the rural population of Central.
His call to develop the three district headquarters, provide economic empowerment to rural people, and implement a village-based volunteering service are smart policies.
If effectively executed, I believe the policies can improve the wellbeing of the rural people in a very significant way.
One thing which needs to be considered is an effective land assessment in Central.
Land is an important resource and the asset base of the rural people.
It is therefore critical for the government to protect it.
A case in point is the development of the provincial capital which has not progressed far since the Bautama city project in the 1990s.
Only now we have a governor who is willing to tackle this issue head on.
Lastly, I call on everyone, including all leaders of Central province, to support the governor address the many challenges and opportunities we face in Central.

Hiritano highway

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