Agencies accused of criminal activities


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari says some law enforcement agencies are involved in transnational criminal activities in the country.
Lupari said some enforcement officers were collaborating with international criminals to smuggle in people, ammunition and drugs to the country.
“The biggest problem in the country is the enforcement part of it. People who are supposed to be enforcing it are not enforcing it. They are collaborating with (overseas) people,” he said.
“PNG is opening its doors and all sorts of goods and human beings are coming in. Even firearms are coming in,” he said.
“I was in Hides. I saw some high-powered arms, machine guns, grenades whereas our police and army don’t have them. “So where are they coming from? They are coming from somewhere. Police Commissioner Gari Baki and I have been talking about it and these are big issues.
“Enforcement is not effective in this country. It is an important part of the law. We have not been effective as Papua New Guineans to protect our land from foreign influences.” Health Department lawyer Margaret Asinimbu said substandard medicines and food were entering the country.
“There must be a laboratory to test the medicine like amoxyline (antibiotic). There might be drugs in them,” she said.
“We need to have Health inspectors to stand with the Customs officers at entry posts.”

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