Agencies told to show land titles


THE National Court in Waigani has directed the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the National Mapping Bureau to show proof of land acquisition titles over the Jackson aerodrome in Port Moresby.
Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele last Monday directed the parties representing the two agencies to file court documents before the matter returns to court on Nov 1.
Eliap Tokan, representing the customary landowners of Duruba clan in Koitabu, Port Moresby, filed claims against the CAA on the matter.
The customary landowners claimed that the CAA owned only 27 hectares of the aerodrome land which covers 600 hectares.
The traditional landowners claimed they had evidence that only 27 hectares of land was acquired by the State while the balance was customary-owned.
They claim that the Lands Minister in 1984, had declared that the remaining land had no proper land acquisition done prior to the declaration.
Polume-Kiele directed parties to provide that proof in court when the matter returns on Nov 1.

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