Agriculture college to be relocated


THE Highlands Agriculture College at Hati in Mt Hagen will be relocated to Baiyer to free up space for development.
Mt Hagen City Authority says whatever land that is available for the city will be used to extend the city or other development.
Hagen MP William Duma, the Chairman of the city authority, said that state property would remain with the state.
He said the agriculture college would be moved to Baiyer soon because the land was needed for cargo offloaded by trucks.
“We are having an influx of population and development is popping up everywhere and so we are facing problems with space, so we need to start plan and see what we can do with what we have,” Duma said.
“This plan is for the future of the city and we cannot just talk but take actions and start executing plans.”
Duma said Baiyer had agriculture and farming potential.

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