Agriculture sector needs more support


THE agriculture industry in this country is not fully utilised due to lack of government support.
The successive governments since independence have not created a National Agriculture Content Plan on how to fully use our fertile land to venture into large-scale specialised farming.
In this context, what I want to say is that governments over the years have not supported our struggling food farmers to specialise in planting and harvesting whatever food variety that suits their soil conditions.
The government should encourage our hard working people to till the soil by supporting them through finance, logistics, technology and trainings to engage in specialised farming on a larger-scale.
The government should engage scientists to identify suitable land for extensive mechanised farming.
The extensive specialised farming will increase not only food production but also create job opportunities, proper road constructions, good income, social services such as water supply and electricity, effective communications and many more by-products.
This initiative will contribute towards boosting the living standards of our people by having access to quality organic foods, thereby minimising all sorts of imported food related diseases.

Yalo Hexton Kapil,  
Maip-Mulitaka LLG

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