Aid post, staff houses funded by Red cross


AN aid post and three staff quarters have been built to bring health services closer to the people of Yakisu village on the border of Kagua and Erave in Southern Highlands.
The International Committee of the Red Cross is funding the health post while businessman Lalepa Patapu is payinjg for the construction of homes for three health workers.
District health officer Jennifer Nakisi said the electorate had two sub-health centres, seven health centres and 34 community health posts of which 21 had been closed because of poor and old facilities.
She said facilities at Yakisi too had been close but the ICRC and Patapu stepped in to restore the health service which would benefit five council wards.
The provincial government had also committed K50,000 to the health post.
Patapu said God had heard the people’s prayers by sending the ICRC to help them deal with diseases.
He said the ICRC had earlier helped the people with health facilities at Uma in the Aiya Local Level Government.
“Though there had been a series of tribal warfare in the electorate, Yakisu has been neutral and is beginning to witness peace after the provincial government funded police houses and vehicles,” he said.
Patapu urged the people to look after the facilities, respect the law and work together with the police to reduce crime.

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