Air Niugini bans faulty smartphone on all flights


NATIONAL carrier Air Niugini has banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone on all its flights, effective immediately.
Chief executive officer Simon Foo said in a statement the action was in view of the recently issued “emergency alerts by major aviation regulatory authorities stating that the safety issue regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 persists”.
Samsung recently recalled and replaced all its Galaxy Note 7 phones because they were faulty and easily caught fire.
Major airlines around the world had already banned it from their flights.
Therefore, the Air Niugini quality and safety department decided to have the device banned on all its flights.
Foo said any passenger who possessed a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device “shall not be allowed to transport the device in cargo, carry-on bags, checked baggage or carried by the passenger into the aircraft”.
“This prohibition also includes the shipping of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices through air cargo on Air Niugini flights,” he said.
“Safety is always of paramount importance in our operations and we urge our passengers to adhere to safety.”

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