Air Niugini engineers complete programme


TWELVE Air Niugini engineers have completed their four-year engineering cadet programme in New Zealand and are expected to increase the airline’s operation capacity.
The programme was funded by Air Niugini at a cost of K5.3 million.
The engineers received their Aircraft maintenance engineer certificates at the Air New Zealand Training Institute in Christchurch.
Air Niugini chief executive officer Simon Foo said the airline was committed to the training, skilling and development of human resources by investing millions of kina in employee training annually.
“The cost of training each engineering cadet exceeded K440,000 and Air Niugini is proud of its wide ranging commitment to professional and trade training for its national employees,” Foo said.
“All that Air Niugini asks in return for the multi-million kina investment for engineers and pilots is the right sense of loyalty and commitment to the airline as their employer, and the highest standards of professionalism that’s expected by the airline and the traveling public.”
Foo said the programme allowed graduate engineers to be globally marketable by applying for the aviation industry recognised European Aviation Safety Agency Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

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