Air Niugini’s travel plan hits new height


THE Air Niugini roadshow was hosted in six centres in the country last week to update the business community on the airline’s operations and future plans.
The roadshow was held in Lae, Hoskins, Rabaul, Goroka, Madang and Wewak.
It is being held in other centres this week.
The main feature was the rollout of the universal airline travel plan (UATP).
There are 3100 customers under UATP including corporate organisations and individuals, according to Air Niugini general manger commercial Dominic Kaumu.
“For us at Air Niugini, we are moving towards making travel easier and more accessible,” Kaumu said.
“And the universal airline travel planmakes it easy because you do not have to leave your office and we will get that ticket to you.
“And that is also for anybody, corporate or individual, rural-based or in the city as long as you have network coverage. Technology makes it easier.”
He said customers would avoid standing in line for a ticket.
“It also allows for greater management of air travel by an employer,” he said.
“This is part of several initiatives we are undertaking to bring Air Niugini as the regional hub in the Pacific but also for making travel easier for our domestic customers.”
The airline also used the opportunity to brief customers and stakeholders on developments in its domestic and international operations.

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