Airport police tasked to ensure safety in premises


NATIONAL Capital District Met Supt Benjamin Turi says the presence of police at the airport is to ensure safety for travellers.
He said this in response to concerns about recent holdups of foreigners at Jackson Airport and what steps were being taken to ensure the safety of foreigners, especially Malaysians arriving in Port Moresby.
Turi said the responsibility of police was to provide security in the airport premises and not to the guard people to their homes.
He said the recent holdups happened during the early hours of the morning outside the airport area.
“Police at the airport know the arrival time of aircraft in the early hours of the morning till late,” Turi said.
“That is their duty to make sure to provide security for the people travelling in and out.
“But in most cases, the incidents that happen are outside of the airport and not within the area because it is fully secured.”
He said it would be better for travelling foreigners to arrange for security.
“Airport police can be at the airport, but when you drive out to their various locations, at least arrange your own security for escort or pick up, especially the ones travelling into the country in the early hours of the morning,” Turi said.
“Those are some measures to consider, if it is a business partner or investor coming, at least make arrangements to have them picked up to make life easy for them or arrange a police unit to escort.”
Turi said police officers were always at the airport, so they would not be escorting people to their homes as they had other matters to attend to.

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