Akzo Nobel appoints Raju new chief executive


AKZO Nobel (PNG) Ltd has appointed Navin Raju its chief executive officer.
Akzo Nobel Ltd is part of the AkzoNobel Group, a global paints company. Its brand name in PNG is Taubmans which has been trading for more than 50 years.
Raju said it was an honour to serve a company “highly regarded in the international paint and chemical industry and deeply engrossed in the Papua New Guinea market”.
“The company is proud to be part of this developing nation and has provided inspirational colours to some major projects in this nation over the last 50 years.
“We are excited to move onto the next phase of our growth and are looking forward to bringing you our innovative and superior painting solutions with unsurpassed technical and customer support.”
AkzoNobel services its customers in PNG through branches in Port Moresby, Lae, Mt Hagen and Kokopo. It has partnerships with resellers around the country.

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