Allegedly killed by drunken youths


A MAN from East Sepik was killed in Lae over the weekend after a group of youths who were intoxicated with homebrew attacked him.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jnr confirmed that the man was killed at the Nine- Mile settlement in the early hours of last Sunday morning.
Wagambie said the youths allegedly consumed homebrew when they attacked the deceased and beat him before stabbing him several times.
He said the deceased then ran away after the attack and collapsed on a footpath along the new freeway and died.
“It is alleged that the deceased had been involved in a previous fight with one of the suspects so the suspect got drunk with his friends before attacking him.”
Wagambie said six suspects were picked up by police on the same day with assistance from community leaders while two others were apprehended on Monday.
“The suspects who were picked up on Monday were captured and attacked by relatives of the deceased and community members, however, they were lucky because a police unit from Three-Mile intervened.”
He said it was fortunate for the suspects as police arrived in time to rescue them from further attack and they were now in custody with the others who were captured earlier.
Wagambie said the situation at Nine-Mile was tense at the moment and police were monitoring it.
He said the prime suspect was also from East Sepik and lived in the Nine-Mile area with the relatives of the deceased.

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