Alternate new government eyed


A POSSIBLE alliance between the National Alliance, People’s Progress Party (PPP), PNG National, PNG Party, Triumph Heritage Empowerment and Pangu will decide the formation of an alternate government after all the votes in this general election have been counted.
National Alliance leader Walter Schnaubelt (Namatanai) has made his intentions clear that the party will challenge a PNC-led coalition.
Pangu has opened the Goroka corridor backed by the pro-Pangu highlands regional bloc.
NA has set up in Kokopo.
After the unseating of party leader Ben Micah, the political wisdom of chief Sir Julius Chan will guide PPP.
PNG National leader Kerenga Kua has assured his commitment to the alternate government team.
It would be interesting to know if the Opposition team decides to come together in one camp after the confirmation of their parliamentary membership.
The voting public anticipates the “genuine” Independents to make the right decision based on principles and the wishes of their electorates and not on personal choices.
The “decoy Independents” will follow the party they have been aligned with and which endorsed by them.
Independent candidates must respect the decision of their electorates, consult their people then decide.
The smaller parties with influential leaders will surely join an alternate government that is based on principles and people-based values.
Unfortunately, “money politics” and “gifting” dominated this election, coupled with the massive disenfranchisement of voters.
These two issues contributed to the outcome of the election process.
An alternate grand coalition of at least 65 elected members or more can be the next government in waiting.

John Charles
Port Moresby

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