Ambulance offers emergency response to fire victims


By Rebecca Kuku
St John Ambulance will be providing emergency response and first aid to the people of Hanuabada who have been made homeless by recent fires that burnt down 18 homes in the village.
Team leader David Kivovia said that the St John Ambulance service was part of the community and it was its contribution to help the people rebuild their lives and homes again.
Kivovia said that he and his team from the Charlie Shift would be stationed at the village till the cleanup process took place.
“We started on Monday.  Basically, we are on standby for any emergencies or first aid to help the people and to show the community that we stand with them at this time.”
Kivovia said it was the duty of St John Ambulance to attend to any emergency cases and be present during disasters, both natural and man-made. “So we came down, as our people from Hanuabada, almost 200-plus are homeless and sleeping under tents.
“We will be stationed here to assist anyone who is sick or needs emergency transfer to the
hospital we will be here to assist them.”

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