Ame sells traditional bilum costume


Konapu is the main traditional costume bilum wear for the people of Southern Highlands, Veronica Ame says.
She is selling the traditional costume for K1500 at the PNG Women In Business trade centre in Waigani.
“In the Kewapi language we call it Konapu,” Ame said.
“In Imbongu, we call it Waibele. the Wiru language  is Karu and in Tari it is called Tambale.”
In Southern Highlands the costumes are only worn on special occasions such as bride price or peace ceremonies, independence celebrations and other traditional events.
“I sell meri-blouses, woven wool caps and bilum but my priority is the Konapu,” She said.
“It is not popular and sold in the main craft markets.
“So I want to specialise in this business.” Rita Pawa, from Southern Highlands, has been helping her in sewing the meri-blouses.
“I completed the nine of them in two days,” she said.
Ame thanked the PNG Women in Businsess for the opportunity to sell her items.
“It is new, but it will gain popularity in time and that is good,” she said.
“I am planning to make this a permanent place for doing my business.”

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