Americas renew rivalry


THE US, who survived a tense final group match against Ghana last Monday, are confident of toppling Mexico in the quarterfinals at the Sir John Guise Stadium today.
“We know that Mexico are going to be formidable opponents for us as our countries have known each other extremely well,” US coach Michelle French said.
“There is a lot of history, whether it’s with a women’s Under-20 or U17 team, we have seen the growth in Mexico in the games they’ve played over the last few years.
“We know the faith and determination that they play with so we are prepared and up to get the Mexicans,” French said.
“We are look forward to merging our strengths for this match.”
Kaleigh Ann Riehl, who agreed with her coach, said they were expecting the game to be challenging.
“Mexico is a competitive team with acrobatic players but I think the match will be interesting as I know both teams will battle hard,” Riehl said.
Mexico, after defeating Venezuela 3-2 in a crucial match at Bava Park Stadium last Monday, are well-prepared and will revisit their game plans used in the group stage.
Coach   Roberto Medina said the US were one of their top rivals in the Americas.
“This is because they have a better football programme that helps them but that will not stop us from getting what we are hoping for,” Medina said.
“I believe that our game against the US will be the game that we are going to enjoy very much as both teams will have to fight hard in the 95 minutes.”
The match kicks off at 4pm.

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