Amet withdraws challenge


FORMER Chief Justice and Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet has withdrawn an election petition he filed against Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi.
Sir Arnold came second to Nangoi in the contest for the Sumkar seat during the general election.
He said the people of Sumkar – from Sumgilbar, Karkar and Bagbag Islands – had elected a new MP who should be given the support to lead. He has accepted that he finished second “and did not get enough votes to win”.
“The people deserve to have certainty in the leader they elected to provide the leadership and services they expect of him,” he said.
“In all these circumstances the people of Sumkar deserve better than for a lengthy court case and a possible bi-election.”
“I do not wish the people of Sumkar to think that I am after personal power to continue with this election petition. I can continue to serve them in other ways. I have decided that I should discontinue the election petition and support the elected MP Chris Nangoi to serve our people of Sumkar. That is more important than any claim I have.”

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