Andagali seeks state of emergency on highway


AN official of a company transporting goods and services to the PNG LNG project is calling on the Government to declare a state of emergency on the Highlands Highway between Mendi and Tari.
Trans Wonderland Limited managing director and Hela landowner leader Larry Andagali made the call after the closure of the highway’s Mendi-Tari section over the past three days.
Andagali said criminals and warlords were taking over the highway, attacking drivers and the travelling public at gunpoint, blocking the supply of goods and services into the oil and gas projects in Kutubu and the PNG LNG project in Hela and Southern Highlands.
“The road between Mendi and Tari, especially Wara Lai, Poroma Tindom Hill and Nipa, has turned into a hell-hole, with similar situations occurring between Nogoli and Kobalu,” Andagali said.
“Our truck drivers were held up at gunpoint and ordered to return to where they came from.
“In some instances, our drivers are dragged out of trucks, stripped and robbed.”
Andagali said it was a serious concern because services into Kutubu, Hides and the Oil and Gas projects areas, including the PNG LNG project, were affected.
“We have stood down all our trucking operation since Tuesday.
“Imagine the costs and the suffering businesses and the people are going through at the hands of a few criminals.”
He said police officer and soldiers should patrol the road.

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