Andrews urges MPs, governors to help in police housing


Deputy Police Commissioner (operations) Jim Andrews says MPs and governors should assist in police housing.
“They should use the DSIP and PSIP (district and provincial funding) for policing under the law and justice sector to build police houses in their respective provinces,” Andrews said.
He raised the concern in light of the current nationwide housing shortage faced by police and other government departments.
Andrews the Police Department was working on meeting the Government’s expectations of having 10,000 personnel by late 2018.
However, Andrews said their biggest problem was housing.
“We are graduating new pass-outs every year but we do not have enough housing,” he lamented.
“We need to talk with provincial administrations, the members and governors of provinces to assist.”
Andrews added the Government had budgeted annually for policing under the provincial and district services improvement programmes.
“They should use that money to assist police in building houses.”
Andrews said Minister for Defence Fabian Pok built 30 houses for police officers in Jiwaka and in Henganofi (Eastern Highlands) the minister built 10 house for the police.
He said the Police Department had its modernisation plan in place but because of cash-flow problems, they could not meet the housing needs of all members of the force.

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