Anger over lack of services


GOVERNMENT services in the Tamata local level government area of Sohe, Northern, are “totally ineffective”, ward councillors say.
Councillors Wallace Ambari (Ward 10), Randolph Maingo (Ward 8) and Gill Mokare (Ward 9) told The Natonal that the LLG was not functioning as required under the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments.
“Our people of Tamata local level government have expressed their dissatisfaction of the LLG, saying that it has been totally ineffective,” the councillors said in a statement.
“We, as leaders, have not seen or benefited from the services that the LLG was supposed to deliver.”
The councillors also claimed that there had not been any LLG meetings since 2012.
“Since the last elections in 2012, not even a single meeting has been held at Ioma at the chamber,” they said.
“We feel that our people of the entire Binandere area of the Tamata LLG have been completely neglected,” they said.
“We have not benefited from the K10 million district support improvement programme grants, whether it’s social infrastructure, schools, churches and economic activities.
“The LLG has been totally neglected and as councilors we feel that we have become substandard, insignificant, marginalised and belittled.
“How long will this continue and the effect is filtering right down to the wards where people are losing respect and trust in their councilors already.
“When we come for the meetings to Popondetta, we are stranded because we have not been paid allowances.
“Now with the elections coming, all LLG officers have focused their attention on that and they have literally neglected the councils.
“This practice must stop, we have a role and duty to play and yet we are being denied our responsibilities with lack of support.
“The reforms are not working; it’s gone from bad to worse and we really need help.
“We are calling on our provincial members and authorities to look into these issues and address them immediately.”

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