Anger as youths sell poultry gifts to purchase alcohol


A WARD councilor is furious after a group of youths in Lae sold the chicks and stock feed they were given to start a poultry project to buy alcohol.
Ward councilor for Five-Mile and Six-Mile in Huon Gulf David Jacob said he was so disappointed.
“We were given chicks and feed worth about K10,000 by MP Ross Seymour. I distributed it evenly to church groups and youths. But the youths sold their share,” he said.
He said the area was known for criminal activities and the poultry project was initiated to keep the youths busy and learn to earn an honest living.
“We supplied them these things so they could sustain their lives. But they chose to enjoy alcohol over sustainable development,” he said.
Jacob said the youths in the ward had been involving in illegal activities. Police in retaliation burnt down homes in the community to punish community leaders for doing nothing to stop the youths.
“I was beaten by police several times for crimes that were committed by these youths. I saw this project as an opportunity for a change but that didn’t happen,” he said.

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