Anniversary celebration hailed


many people attend last Sunday’s combined service at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae to commemorate 500 years of Martin Luther’s Reformation.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG faithful from Morobe and other provinces, both old and young, attended the service.
Musicians performed praise and worship songs.
Performers from selected parishes and congregations entertained the large crowd with tambourine patterns and creative dances.
The liturgy was led by Rev Sakaria Malelk of St Paul’s Parish.
A powerful and inspirational sermon was delivered by Rev Baafekec Bamiringnuc of Calvary Parish.
“Freed and renewed in Christ” is what Martin Luther stood for.
He delivered the Gospel of Psalm 46, which affirms over and over again that God alone is our refuge, not our music, not the signs of identify, not our name “Lutheran” but God alone. It is a privilege to be part of this new generation and mature enough to hear the truth and learn the history of my Lutheran Church.
I am proud of our Lutheran founding father Martin Luther and to celebrate 500 years of Reformation.

Frankie Aros Poros, Morobe

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