Anti-graft system hailed


FINANCE Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan says the Phones Against Corruption initiative system “has been very successful” in helping reduce corruption in the country.
The campaign is an SMS-based system used by the public to expose and combat corruption.
Ngangan told reporters in Port Moresby yesterday that the system had resulted in a number of high-profile people being jailed by the courts for corrupt offences.
“Whether we like it or not, corruption is the way in which people behave, it’s a part and parcel of the society that we live in,” Ngangan said.
He said that most people had mobile phones and were observing the behaviour and conduct of public officials, including their MPs.
“If they see you doing something which is not ordinary, well someone will talk on that,” Ngangan said.
The main objective of the Phones Against Corruption initiative is to improve accountability and contribute to minimise the risk of corruption and strengthening public finance management systems and processes.
It also gives the opportunity to people to expose and combat mismanagement and corruption.
The system was designed under the provincial capacity-building programme which was funded by the Australian government and rolled out through the Department of Finance with assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It was launched in July 2014.
Participants will share experience on the programme they have developed to combat corruption in their countries in a seminar themed: “Government-Citizen Smart Partnership for Ethical Governance.”
PNG representatives from the Department of Justice and Attorney General, Department of Prime Minister, NEC, UNDP and delegates from Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands will make presentations during the two-day seminar which ends today.

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