‘Apply common sense’


LAE city manager Roy Kamen has appealed to truck operators in the city to “apply common sense” and not to park their vehicles in public places.
Kamen made this appeal in support of an earlier call by Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy for truck owners to remove their vehicles off footpaths, fields and recreational areas in the city.
Kamen said footpaths, playing field, roadsides, parks and other public amenities are there for the public to use and truck owners must apply common sense and park their trucks in designated locations.
“Parking vehicles in public places for longer periods affect other users,” Kamen said.
“It causes inconveniences for other people,” he said.
“Truck drivers need to apply common sense,” Kamen said.
“They must park in the right areas,” he said.
“I see drivers parking at the Y2K Oval, Kamkumung field and along footpaths,” Kamen said.
“This is illegal and should not be encouraged,” he said.
Kamen said fixing heavy trucks in public places and allowing waste oil to pour on the ground is a form of environmental pollution and destroys the environment and the image of the city.
Kamen said the council had already prosecuted a number of truck owners for parking in public places but they continue to defy instructions and operate.
Kamen said all businesses must be carried out properly in the city and the necessary fees must be paid to the council as required by law.

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