Apply for PMV licences: Mumu


TRANSPORT Secretary Roy Mumu has urged all the existing and new public motor vehicle (PMV) bus operators in the National Capital District to submit new licence applications.
Mumu said that in line with the new Road Traffic Authority’s preparations, his department had issued an amnesty of 21 days from last Wednesday.
He said 589 PMV operators were required to apply for new licences in this period.
Mumu said the operators must provide:

  • Original PMV licences;
  • Original vehicle registration papers in respect of the listed licence plate numbers;
  • A photocopy of driving licence or work ID;
  • Any other documents in relation to and in respect of the listed licence plate numbers.

“All your queries and submissions are to be directed to the manager public transport, Land Transport Division (LTD),” Mumu said.
He said the RTA would combine the functions of the National Road Safety Council, National Land Transport Board, functions of the Land Transport Division and the motor vehicle registry and driver licensing functions of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL).
Mumu said that the RTA had undertaken a review of existing PMV operators
He said the current ceiling for public motor vehicle remained at 1000 taxies and 1,500 buses.
He said about 800 vacancies were open to new applicants to fill.

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