Archbishop, former MP honoured


A FORMER member of Parliament and a Catholic archbishop have been conferred the title of Chief in this year’s Independence Anniversary Honours list.
Former East New Britain regional MP Damien Kereku and Archbishop of Rabaul Francesco Panfilo were among 96 people who were recognised for their services to the country.
Kereku was recognised for his services to the community through his leadership roles for 60 years in the political development of the Tolai people and his service in the national parliament as regional member for East New Britain.
Panfilo was recognised for his for services to the community and the Catholic Church as a Salesian missionary priest.
He was also recognised for his long service in the care, vocational and technical training of young people, and his distinguished leadership role as Archbishop of Rabaul
Panfilo, 73, from Vilminore de Scalve, in Italy was ordained a Catholic priest on April 27, 1974.
Panfilo was appointed Bishop of Alotau-Sideia in PNG on June 25, 2001. On March 18, 2010 he was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Rabaul and one year later became the Archbishop of Rabaul.
He has served as a priest for 42 years, 15 of which as a bishop.
Panfilo and Kereku were the only two conferred with the Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu (GCL) conferred with the title of “Chief”
Six people were conferred the Officer of the Order of Logohu (OL) which included Lekwa Gure who was recognised for services to the airline industry for 40 years and to the community, particularly through his efforts in church and youth development
Hela provincial administrator William Wai Bando was awarded the Member of the Order of Logohu (ML) among 11 other recipients.
The other recipients received the Logohu Medal (LM), Cross of Medical Service Medal (CMS), Distinguished Military Service Medal (DMS), Distinguished Police Service Medal (DPS), Meritorious Public Service Medal (MPS) and Meritorious Community Service Medal (MCS).

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