Archdiocese plans housing project


THE Archdiocese of Rabaul in East New Britain plans to start a housing project for low income-earners.
Archbishop Francesco Panfilo told an Islands region mayors conference in Kokopo on Wednesday that the project would benefit its employees.
But he said it would also benefit the people who had worked in Kokopo for a long time and had proved to be faithful and reliable employees.
The archdiocese will make land available behind the Kokopo sports field for the project. It will also be responsible for surveying the land and funding infrastructure development such as drainage, roads, water and electricity.
Panfilo said the criteria for the selection of beneficiaries would be drawn up soon.
“We foresee the project to develop into three to four stages with the hope that at the end, we may have about 250 houses,” he said.
Panfilo said there was also a need to protect the common areas, landmarks and urban landscapes which increased a sense of belonging, of rootedness, of “feeling at home” within a city.

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